For many brothers, Friday night frat meetings are more than just meetings. They are a opportunity for a night out with the brothers. We want to maximize the brotherhood experience, so starting in February 2017, EVERY THIRD FRIDAY IS NOW FRAT FRIDAY! This is the time each month when brothers will come together to represent the organization, handle Sigma business and fellowship.

There are three primary components to Frat Friday:

  1. Represent by wearing royal blue all day, even especially at work!  – Corporate brothers can rock that fly royal blue tie or fresh pocket square, or wear a crisp royal blue polo if its casual Friday. There’s nothing wrong with a lapel pin or letters if it’s appropriate!
  2. Frat meeting at 6:30 PM – Handling Sigma business is still paramount, but it’s just part of the experience. We want to handle business as effectively and efficiently as possible so arrive on time!
  3. Post-meeting outings – Brothers will venture out together for fellowship and have a good time after the meeting. The destination will be pre-planned and communicated prior to meeting.


Upcoming Frat Friday Schedule